Toto sapore| an Italian restaurant
“places emphasis on quality ingredients.”

【By reservation only. We serve lunch and dinner.】
Casa di En Banquet House in Hakone Gora, Kanagawa, is home to the Italian restaurant Toto sapore.
Owner and Italian chef Toshio Namiki pours his 45 years of experience as a business owner into providing
the finest ingredients and a relaxing atmosphere to offer the best hospitality to all guests.

Please let us know what you would like to eat.We will prepare the finest ingredients for you.

・We accept only customers with reservation made at least a day before to serve with best ingredients.
・Kindly order at least one dish including a main dish with meat or fish per person to ensure our best service.
・Our famous appetizer plate (antipasti misti) includes fresh vegetables with sauce (bagna cauda) and two other chef’s recommended dishes.

Thank you

Toshio Namiki|Italian chef・Owner

An Italian chef and owner with 45 years of experience in the business, welcomes you to indulge in his exquisite Italian cuisine. He offers the ultimate hospitality with the finest ingredients and a relaxing atmosphere.

Once-in-a-lifetime hospitality

Nestled in the Hakone resort is a beautifully crafted Japanese architecture. We offer a serene and grand space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in peace. After your meal, enjoy a lovely tea time in our Italian garden.

Totospore is located in a corner of Casa di En Banquet House.

Please do not hesitate to come in.

Enjoy a night in Hakone with our Italian course dinner.

Italian cuisine is often associated with pizza and pasta, but at Totospore, we offer a wide range of course meals from traditional Italian home cooking to dolce. Please come and enjoy a night in Hakone with our restaurant, Totospore.

【Complete reservation system / Italian restaurant】

Toto Sapore
1300-127 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
3 minutes walk from Nakagora Station


We bake it in a Naples-style wood-fired oven at a high temperature of 450°C. It takes half a day for the oven to heat up, so we kindly ask for reservations to be made by the day before.

¥3200yen~(Including tax)

[Tomato Sauce] Margherita, Marinara, Pescatore, Ortolana, Parma, Calabrese, Diavola, Salmone
[Cheese Pizza] Quattro Formaggi Bismarck
[Omakase] Capricciosa (whimsical), Quattro, Stagioni (seasonal), Bianca (fabric only)


Please allow 20 minutes for the pasta to be served.

¥2,800yen~(Including tax)

Tomato Sauce | Arrabiata Pescatore
Cheese sauce|Carbonara
Oil Sauce | Peperoncino Vongole Bianco
Meat sauce|Bolognese
Basil Sauce | Genovese
Cream sauce|Porcini cream

antipasto mist

Appetizer platter
Seasonal vegetables, bagna cauda, ​​and 2 other items

¥2,800円~(Including tax)

second piatto

Main dish meat, fish and shellfish

¥5,600yen~(Including tax)

Zuppadi.Pesche|Ise lobster, scorpion fish, mussels, squid, seafood dishes
Firenze Tibone Steak|Tuscany Firenze Meat
Veal bone-in steak | Meat dishes from the Piomonte region

Italian course meal

Antipasto Mist Appetizer, Primo, Pizza, Meat/Fish
Course meal / "Omakase course" lunch / dinner

¥15,000yen~(Including tax)

Italian cuisine is often associated with pizza and pasta, but we also offer course meals featuring traditional Italian home cooking, as well as meat and fish dishes. Please let us know your budget and what you would like to eat, and we will prepare the finest ingredients for you. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests depending on the budget, so please understand in advance.

“Commitment” of Toshio Namiki

Let me introduce Toshio Namiki, the owner and chef of Italian restaurant Toto Sapre, which is located in Casa di En Banquet House in Hakone. Here are some of his commitments:

Commitment to pasta

Toshio Namiki's carbonara does not use any heavy cream. Instead, he emulsifies carbonara-specific cheese and egg with only temperature control. Italian cuisine values "individuality" over authenticity, and authentic pasta dishes can vary greatly depending on the chef's cooking method. Please enjoy Toshio Namiki's pasta dishes. Please note that it may take about 20-30 minutes from ordering to serving.

Commitment to pizza

【450℃ for 1 minute | Italian-made wood-fired pizza oven】
By quickly baking at high temperatures, the surface of the pizza dough becomes crispy, while the moisture evaporates and the flavor becomes more concentrated. The unique flavor from burning wood or charcoal adds richness to the taste. The greatest feature of baking in a wood-fired pizza oven is the crispy outer texture and fluffy interior.

【Quality of ingredients】
For example, the mozzarella cheese used is not frozen, but rather fresh Bufala (mozzarella made from water buffalo by Italian artisans) that is air-freighted.

Commitment to ingredients

We place great emphasis on the quality of our ingredients, which is why we offer an exclusive reservation-only dining experience featuring the finest ingredients available.

We purchase our meat directly from the producers, traveling up to 300 kilometers to inspect and handpick only the best cuts. We select only the highest quality meats that align with our shared values and beliefs.

With over 45 years of experience, we have established relationships with fish markets and suppliers that span more than 30 years. We receive the freshest and most luxurious fish and seafood available, and can offer our guests the utmost in quality and reliability. We can promptly ship any items that are not immediately available upon request.

Here is a customer testimonial

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